Activated “Solo Challenge” on Zone🥊

Solo Challenge
Solo challenge

#ZoneArmy, get ready to play the most intense solo gaming challenges on!

Stand victorious with your supreme gaming skills and win massive rewards — This is the guide to make you understand the $ZONE Solo Challenge in details!

How To Play?

Step 1 — Visit and connect wallet or sign in using email.

Step 2 — Look for pools with the “Solo Challenge” tag on them.

NOTE — There are two categories in “Solo Challenge” pools, the paid pools and the free pools, you can choose to play in either or both.👍

Step 3 (For Free Pools) — Click on “Free” button displayed on the pool, and a popup will appear on the screen.

Step 3 (For Paid Pools) — Click on the “Entry Fee” displayed on the pool, and sign the transaction to successfully make the payment and enter the pool.

Note — Gaming pools on Zone have various categories for rewards, both fixed and dynamic prizes. In dynamic pools, with more participation the prize pool will keep on increasing. In fixed prize pools, the reward remains the same throughout.

Step 4 — In the popup that appeared, you’ll be able to track highest score and rank in the pool. Click on “Play” to start your game. Various pools offer different retries in the pool.

How To Decide The Winners?

Depending on which pool you play in, your ranking gets you different rewards. Each player scores individually and are ranked on the basis of their scores arranged in descending order. Higher the score better the rank. At the end of the pool, the winners are rewarded based on their standings in the pool leaderbaord.

How The Reward Distribution Works?

Various “Solo Challenge” pools can have different reward distributions. To know the detailed breakdown, click on the “Prize Distribution” button present on every “Solo Challenge” game cards.

Now you know it all, start playing on and win!


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