Announcing The New Zone Creator Program!

Zone creator progrma

The Zone x Algorand PlayFi League is off to an incredible start!

Zone in partnership with Algorand has launched the biggest web3 gaming event the world has ever seen with a mega $150,000 prize pool!

The league isn’t just about playing the games though, with Zone, you now have a chance to show the world how good a gamer you really are.

Want to become rich and famous while gaming? This is for you then. Read on!

Zone Creator Program

Zone is pleased to announce the new Zone Creator Program where streamers will get rewarded for playing games on Zone and uploading videos!

  • All you need to do is tweet a short video of your gaming on with the hashtags #Zone, #ZonePlayFi, #Algorand, #Shorts!
  • Then follow the steps here:
  • 500 lucky winners will receive 5 ALGOs each!
  • Rewards will be distributed after the campaign ends.
  • Zone will run similar campaigns every 3 days so make sure to follow us on Twitter to be notified!

Even if you don’t have a huge following, you can still play, stream and earn from the Zone Creator Program!

To be known in the web3 gaming world, don’t forget to STREAM and PLAY with Zone!

Play now at Zone!


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