Announcing Zone Mainnet: Gaming for everyone! Any device, Multi Chain, Play and Earn


From the CEO’s Desk

Hello, #ZoneArmy!

Congratulations to all of you on Zone’s upgraded mainnet launch! I know the community has been waiting patiently for the launch. However, I am glad we took the time to make sure the ZONE community got the gaming experience that they deserve.

Thanks to everyone who played on the testnet, provided us feedback and reported bugs — you rock!

Get prepared for more play and earn opportunities with the ZONE mainnet launch and several other planned upgrades, with new games in the coming weeks. Crypto market downturns have historically proven to be wonderful opportunities to build, and we have been building constantly. With or without a downturn, Zone’s objective has been to deliver you the best user experience and gameplay in web3.0.

During the creation of the upgraded infrastructure for Zone, we were in constant contact with the community, listening to their feedback regarding games and formats. The upgraded mainnet launch is a result of all the feedback and our constant endeavour to make gameplay more fun and engaging for you, ZoneArmy. Zone is designed to be a social gaming platform and a decentralized platform where gamers love to spend their time to play and earn. The answer after months of iterations — Hypercasual games! Gaming for everyone!

Hypercasual Games #InTheZone

Easy to learn & play, addictive, minimalistic in nature, and made for every demographic — Hypercasual games are witnessing unprecedented growth.

In 2017, the genre took a 17% share of downloads in the mobile gaming sector among the top 1,000 titles. One year later, hypercasual games became the largest genre for downloads, and the sector has continued to expand its share further in 2020 to 31% of all installs.


Revenues in hypercasual games have also seen a considerable rise over the past couple of years. It is evident that hypercasual games have established their dominance in the gaming industry and changed the way gamers engage. Zone’s hypercasual games have been structured with keeping the user experience as the highest priority. Unlike several other clunky and hard-to-use blockchain gaming projects, games and payouts on Zone are super-fast thanks to the Algorand blockchain. The platform achieves this while preserving gameplay while providing enhanced Web3.0 features.

Our accelerated development roadmap has seen the integration of multiple hypercasual games into the Zone gamefi platform. Keeping with the hypercasual spirit, the gameplay and participation mechanics on Zone are structured to be powered by micro-transactions as little as 10 cents along with free-to-play pools.

Since the launch of hypercasual games on the Zone testnet a few weeks ago, we have seen over 200,000 games played! These numbers are just scratching the surface but validate the demand for hypercasual games in the web3 ecosystem as a means to play and earn.

Zone’s Game Developer Program

Zone is in the process of partnering up with game developers and gaming studios from around the world to bring a variety of popular games to the platform.

We will soon announce the launch of our Game Developer Program aimed to help independent developers improve their games with Zone’s web3 integration. Zone’s objective is to provide them with an alternative and efficient model of monetization led by microtransactions rather than conventional in-app purchases and advertisements.

To prepare for the Game Developer Program, Zone became the Hypercausal Booster Partner for Istanbul’s Winconf 2022. Members of the team met with several developers who were looking for platforms like Zone to launch their games to Web3.0. Up next, find us at Gamescom, Germany. In the coming months, you will see the results of these strategic partnerships.

ZONE Token Burning Announcement

With our upgraded mainnet going live, we will initiate regular tokens buyback and burn based on the gaming activity of the Zone platform. More details will be published soon, but in essence, the more games users play on the platform, the more they get rewarded and the more tokens we will buy back and burn from the market. So, #JustPlay!

Web3 Partner For Bowling and AFK Elephants

In February of this year the parent company of Zone, XTZ Esports acquired the media, betting, city, merchandise, esports, NFT and Metaverse rights to the sport of bowling from the International Bowling Federation in a multi-year 9 figure deal. Zone is all set to be the Web3.0 partner for bowling. We are looking forward to showing you what we have been building to bridge the gap between real-world sports, esports and Web3.0.

We had previously announced that AFK holders will have limited reserved seats at the IBF Bowling World Cup on a first-come-first-served basis (Depending on venue capacity). In addition, the owners of Mythical AFK Elephants will get enlisted for a unique experience at the World Bowling League events! I hope to see you all there.

Zone’s Cross-Chain Integration

Many of you noticed the upcoming wallet integrations on the platform.

Wallet Connect

Zone was always designed to be a multi-chain gaming platform and I am excited to announce that Zone will be going cross-chain in the upcoming weeks on Solana first, followed immediately by Polygon and other popular chains. The Zone token will also be made available on these chains in the coming months.

Our vision is to make Zone the de-facto decentralized gamefi platform in Web3.0. We want to enable Web2.0 gamers and gamers from any chain to compete against participants from other blockchains without degrading their experience or involving complicated bridging mechanisms.

Every blockchain has its strengths and weaknesses but a cross-chain future means the Zone platform will be accessible to all. Now, the #ZoneArmy can become very large, very fast. The wait is over! Just play and earn on!


Adi K Mishra

CEO, Zone


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