Zone x Defly Partnership

Zone x Defly Partnership

Today, we are excited to announce another strong partnership for the Algorand PlayFi ecosystem — Zone is now the official web3 gaming partner for Defly Wallet!

Defly Algorand Wallet is the first mobile wallet evolved for DeFi. It enables in-app use of multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) at the same time (aggregator) and helps to find the best rates (arbitrage). Through WalletConnect it can connect to any dApp. Their goal is to make trading and DeFi as seamless and user-friendly as possible within the Algorand ecosystem, all from the comfort of your mobile device. Over the next 12 months, Defly plans to add the following features and functionality to the premiere Algorand DeFi wallet experience.

  • Multi-DEX support:

Tinyman (already added)

Algofi (already added)

Pact (already added)

Humble (already added)


  • Liquidity Pool token mint/burn
  • NFT support
  • Composable limit orders
  • Algorand Governance (user-side already added)
  • Hardware Ledger support

Defly is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download Defly and give it a try!

Zone is proud to partner with Defly to bring Defly Game Farms on and integrate the Defly wallet on the Zone platform.

Launching Defly Game Farms

Zone has launched Defly Game Farms on its platform. Gamers can farm $DEFLY tokens by participating in these special free-to-play pools. These Game Farms will be exclusive to users who have opted in for $DEFLY.

What is a Game Farm?

Zone recently introduced a revolutionary gamefi primitive called Game Farms on its platform. Game farms allow gamers to play and earn with zero upfront costs, making web3 gaming more accessible to a global audience.

Game Farms allow players to farm various tokens by playing games without paying an entry fee while building their gamer stats and profile. Players can now play and earn across various games on the platform for a chance to participate in mega pools and future Zone PlayFi tournaments.

Leaderboard rewards will also be unlocked soon- keep an eye out for the leaderboard challenges! For gamers participating in Defly Game Farms, holding a top rank on Zone Leaderboards means receiving additional rewards such as bonus ALGOs and Gift Cards!

The better your gamer profile and gaming history, the better your chances of unlocking special rewards! Game on!

Gamers will be able to track their performance on Zone with Leaderboards!

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Play and earn now at!


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