How to remint a unique AFK Elephant

How to remint a unique AFK Elephant
AFK analyzer

The claims portal to remint AFK Elephants for owners of matching AFK NFTs is live now!

Check eligibility-

To check if your NFT is unique, use the AFK Analyzer.

Step 1- Visit

Step 2- Enter your AFK Asset ID.

Your eligibility status will be displayed on the screen.

To find the Asset ID of the AFK you hold, follow the steps mentioned below:

Visit NFTExplorer

Enter your wallet address

You will see the AFKs you own.

Click on the AFK you want the Asset ID for.

The Asset ID will be displayed below the NFT image

If eligible, follow the steps below to remint your AFK Elephant.

If eligible, how to claim your new AFK Elephant NFT

If eligible, you’ll be able to see an Algorand wallet address on-screen.

Step 1- Send your matching AFK Elephant NFT to the Algorand wallet address shown on-screen.

Step 2- Once you send the NFT successfully, visit

Step 3- Click on “Connect wallet” and connect your wallet.

Note- Make sure you have connected the same wallet on the claims portal that you used to send the matching NFT to the address on-screen.

If you have completed “Step 1” successfully, you’ll be able to see an AFK Elephant to claim. If you don’t see the AFK Elephant after 10 minutes of sending the NFT, contact support on our Discord server.

Step 4- Click on “opt-in”.

Step 5- Click on “Request claim”.

Your new AFK Elephant NFT will appear in your wallet.

If not eligible to claim a new AFK Elephant.

Congratulations! You don’t need to do anything, as the AFK Elephant you hold is ONE of its kind in the ZONE.


Q1. Who all are eligible for the AFK reminting?

Anyone who owns AFK NFTs that have matching copies is eligible. The best way to find out is to use the AFK Analyzer.

Q2. I bought a matching AFK Elephant NFT from a secondary marketplace, am I eligible to remint the NFT?

Yes. Any wallet address that contains one of the matching NFTs is eligible to get a newly minted AFK Elephant from the claims portal.

Q3. How will we remint our AFK? How will the reminting process work?

You can check if your AFK has matching NFTs here and then follow the on-screen steps to send the matching NFT to the designated Algorand wallet address. After sending the NFT successfully you can claim your newly minted AFK NFT from the claims portal.

Q4. What will happen to the matching AFKs?

All the matching AFK Elephant NFTs will be removed from the circulation and destroyed.

Q5. Where can I send my matching AFK Elephant?

After you have used the AFK Analyzer to confirm you have a matching AFK, you can send your matching NFTs to the wallet address provided on-screen.

Q6. Where can I claim my reminted NFT?

You will be able to claim here:

Q7. I sent my matching AFK NFT. I can’t claim. It doesn’t show me any AFK on the claims portal.

If you have sent your matching AFK NFT to the on-screen address on AFK Analyzer, you should be able to see the newly minted AFK on the claims portal. If not, wait for 10 minutes and try again. If you are still not able to see your new AFK, raise a support ticket on the AFK Discord server.

Q8. Where and when will I be able to claim a fresh AFK Elephant for my matching NFT?

The claims portal to remint AFK Elephant is live now.

You can check your eligibility here —

If eligible, you can claim an AFK Elephant here after you have sent your matching NFT to the address provided on the AFK Analyzer.

Q9. How does the allocation system work? What rarity level/rarity category NFT will I receive?

The reminted AFK Elephants will be completely randomly allocated to the wallets, any wallet reminting can get an AFK of any rarity.

Example — If you owned a matching AFK of common rarity, you can get mythical in reminting and vice versa.

Q10. Do early claimers get any advantage?

No, the distribution is completely randomized, there is no advantage to early claimers.


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