How To Stake ZONE To Earn 20% APR 💎

How To Stake ZONE To Earn 20% APR 💎
Stake $ZONE on Algostake

Algostake offers the largest selection of staking pools available on the Algorand blockchain with user-friendly, non-custodial staking. Your staked tokens stay in your wallet and users need only collect their rewards daily by claiming. For Algostake’s PRO subscribers, the rewards are sent to their wallets automatically. 👍

Currently, there is 1 ZONE staking pool live on Algostake:

ZONE-ZONE Staking with 20% APR

All rewards are in $ZONE tokens. 😎

Follow the steps written below to stake your ZONE Tokens on Algostake and earn 20% APR.

👌How to stake your $ZONE and claim rewards

Step 1- Go to

Step 2- Connect wallet 👜

Step 3- Select the ZONE-ZONE staking pool from the pool list. You can also search for “ZONE” using the search bar 🔍 to quickly bring up all ZONE pools.

Step 4- After you click on the ZONE-ZONE pool, click on the “Stake” option to proceed.⛏️

📌NOTE — ⚠️You must have at least 1 ZONE Token in your wallet to qualify for staking.

Step 5- Once you click on the stake button, Algostake will need to verify your wallet. To verify, click on “VERIFY WALLET”. Verifying your wallet costs 0.001 Algos. This does not transfer any ZONE tokens. See the image below for more information. 👇

Step 6- Once you click on the verify wallet button, you need to approve the transaction from your wallet. Once verified, all your ZONE Tokens will be staked and you will see a screen similar to the one shown below. After you have staked, you will see a ‘My Claims’ section where you can claim your rewards. 💰

📌NOTE — Algostake takes random snapshots of your ZONE balance daily and gives out rewards accordingly. You won’t be able to claim rewards instantly as rewards are only given out once a day. Check back after 24 hours to claim your rewards. ⌛

Step 7- To claim the tokens, you can simply click on the claim button and approve the transaction, the reward tokens will be sent directly ➡️to your wallet.

📌NOTE — You don’t need to claim your rewards daily. All your daily rewards are accumulated 📈and you can claim them whenever you wish.

😀Happy Staking #ZoneArmy! 🚀🚀🚀


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