Introducing Exclusive Channels on Zone Discord with ZOBO!


Hello, #ZoneArmy!

With the Zone + AFK Discord merger now complete, we are launching exclusive channels for the community on Zone Discord!


All AFK holders are invited to verify their wallets to receive special server roles and access to the exclusive #afk-only channel on the Zone Discord server. You will be assigned roles based on the rarity of the AFK you hold and enjoy distinct visibility on the server! With this exclusive space, AFK holders can discuss all AFK-related things, play games and have fun!

AFK Channels

Users without the AFK Elephants NFT can also verify their wallets to receive the “Wallet Verified” role and access exclusive game channels on the Zone Discord server.

Zone Gamers

To verify your wallet follow the instructions below:

Step 1:- Join the Zone Discord.

Step 2:- Visit the channel at the very top called “#verification” from the list of channels.

Step 3:- Select the wallet of your choice — Pera Wallet or MyAlgo Wallet

For Pera Wallet users,

Step 4:- If you are on a PC, after selecting Pera Wallet, a QR code will appear on the screen, scan the QR from your Pera Wallet to connect your wallet.

If you are on a mobile phone — after the QR code appears, click on the “Connect With Android” or “Connect With iOS” button below, depending on your mobile operating system. This will open the Pera wallet on your phone and you will need to confirm the transaction on the screen to get verified!

Zobo will check your wallet and assign a “Wallet Verified” role to you. Additionally, if you hold any AFK in the same wallet, the “AFK Holder” role will also be assigned to you.

For MyAlgo Users,

Step 4:- Click on “Connect With MyAlgo”, and you’ll see a “Click here to connect” message on the screen. Click on it and visit the Zone verification page.

Step 5:- Click on “Connect Wallet” and connect your MyAlgo wallet.

Step 6:- Click on “Verify Wallet” and sign the transaction. That’s it!

Zobo will monitor the Zone Discord and make sure that all the roles are kept updated. If any AFK holder after getting the “AFK Holder” role removes their NFT from the wallet, their role will be taken away and they will lose access to the #afk-only exclusive channel.

Note: If you do transfer your AFK from one wallet to another make sure to verify that wallet using the #verification channel to keep enjoying the exclusive access.

Let’s get that verified role, #ZoneArmy! See you on the Zone server! Join now:


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