Launching ZONE Game Farms — Exclusive Pools and Rewards for AFK Holders!

Launching ZONE Game Farms — Exclusive Pools and Rewards for AFK Holders!
Announcing AFK game

Hello, #AFKGang!

We have some big news for your AFKs. Zone will soon unlock another game-changing utility for AFK Elephant NFTs — The ZONE Game Farms! There will be no participation fee for ZONE Game Farms for AFK holders!

What are ZONE Game Farms?

ZONE Game Farms are the first-of-a-kind gamefi primitive where players can farm tokens and other rewards by playing games on the Zone platform.

AFK holders will have exclusive Game Farms and priority access to our partner Game Farms as well!

AFK Elephants NFT holders can access these pools to play and earn together. Soon after, reward multipliers for different rarity levels of AFK NFTs will also be activated for ZONE Game Farms.


Where can I buy an AFK Elephant NFT?

You can visit this link to see the AFK NFTs for sale and purchase:

What are the special rewards and bonuses?

AFK holders can go to and connect their wallets holding the AFK NFT to join a Game Farm. There is no need to do anything special. The process of playing in a Game Farm is similar to playing Zone Battleground or Zone Top Gun with extra privileges!

Initially, AFK Holders will be able to farm ALGO and ZONE

Soon, tokens from other leading projects will be added to the ZONE Game Farms as well. In addition to tokens, holders will also be able to farm special rewards such as whitelist spots, NFT giveaways, special tickets and more!

Let’s go rumble #InTheZone AFK Elephants! Soon you can #gamefarm on!


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