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Zone Fantasy Football Is Live!⚽

Zone will host and organize regular Fantasy games from today! Gamers can now participate in various football leagues (domestic and international) and can earn huge rewards while competing with others #InTheZone!

Zone allows you to make your fantasy team for individual matches! You can select only the matches you want to participate in and not necessarily the whole league! More freedom, and more rewards!

This guide will help you understand Zone Fantasy Football in detail. Let’s get started!

Participating in Zone Football Fantasy is a 2-step process:

  1. Creating a team
  2. Joining the competition

Creating your own Fantasy Football team is simple; just choose Fantasy Football on the Zone Fantasy page, pick the league of your choice, and then follow the steps below.

Creating A Team

Each fantasy team consists of 11 players. You can pick these 11 players from the two playing teams. All the players will be distributed among Goal Keepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards.

  1. Click on “Create Team” in the fantasy pool of your choice. Now you need to pick 11 players for your own fantasy team.

2. Pick 11 players of your choice and press continue once you are satisfied with your selection.

3. Select a captain and a vice-captain for your team and press “Save Team”.

4. You will be able to see your team(s) in the “My Teams” section of the page.

Note — Before the match begins, you can edit your team at any time. You can also enter a fantasy pool with multiple teams. Usually you can make up to 11 teams per match!

When you are done creating your fantasy team, you can now participate in the fantasy match for which you made your team.

How To Join/Participate In Zone Fantasy Football Pool?

  1. Select the pool you want to compete in, each pool has different entry fees and prizes.

2. Check the tick box on the top left to pick the team you just made. You can select multiple teams at once and press “Join Contest”.

3. All that is left to do is sign the transaction to confirm your participation. Now sit back and enjoy the game!

Zone Fantasy Football Points System


  • Direct assist is a term that refers to the final touch, cross, pass and other touche which allows scoring a goal during the match.
  • Besides the direct assists, here is the list of the other types of assistance awarded in fantasy football -

- When a goalkeeper saves a shot, the defender blocks it and hits the goalpost

- If an opposition team player scores their own goal off a pass, shot or cross.

- If the player wins a direct free-kick or scores a penalty

  • Chance created, commonly called the key pass, is regarded as the final touch (cross, pass, or other touch). It results in a shot, whether on, off or blocked target.
  • By any chance, a player in Fantasy football gets the Fantasy assist; the player will not be given the points for a chance created.
  • One can describe a ‘Shot on target’ as any goal attempt which should’ve been a goal if not saved by the opposition players or the goalkeeper.
  • A team won’t receive a shot on target if the shot hits the goal post or if another player blocks the shot.
  • If Player X passes the ball to Player Y, who then scores, then player Y is awarded a Goal and a Shot on Target, while Player X is awarded an Assist and Chance Created.


  • Tackle won is the condition where a player takes away the ball from another player in possession. This can be done by either placing the ball out of the play or out of winning possession.
  • When the player intercepts the pass on purpose, that is an Interception. It can be done by moving in lines with the intended ball and retaining the ball possession.
  • When a goalkeeper prevents the ball from making a goal, it is called a Save.
  • When a player does not concede a goal for 54 minutes or more, it is known as a Clean Sheet.
  • When a player is on the ground for 54 minutes or more and gets a substitute before the goal gets conceded, the player gets a Clean Sheet bonus.
  • When the goalkeeper has not touched the ball, whereas the player misses the penalty kick, no points will be given to the goalkeeper to save the penalty. On the other hand, -20 points will be awarded to the penalty taker for the miss.



  • No matter the player’s total playing time, the conceded goals are calculated for players who are present on the field during the goal.
  • When a player receives a red card, they continue to get a penalty whenever their team concedes a goal — even when the goals are conceded after they leave the field
  • If the player gets two yellow cards in a row or even one straight red card, they only get negative points for the red card.
  • If a player gets a red or a yellow card for any off-field activity, total Fantasy football points will come into effect if:

- They already played the match and were substituted.

- They come onto the field as a substitute after receiving a yellow card

Now you are ready to play on zone.game and enjoy Fantasy Football to the fullest!

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