From Chess to Jackpots: The Exciting Journey of Zone Crypto Summer Phase One

From Chess to Jackpots: The Exciting Journey of Zone Crypto Summer Phase One
Zone Crypto Summer Phase 1

As we bid adieu to the inaugural chapter of the much-anticipated Zone Crypto Summer, we stand in awe of the extraordinary milestones achieved. Zone, the avant-garde web3 gaming platform, has revolutionized the gaming landscape, transforming casual gamers into global champions and creating a paradise for gaming and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Igniting the Flame: The Genesis of Zone Crypto Summer

Zone Crypto Summer

Zone Crypto Summer, a resounding counter to Crypto Winter, has ignited a series of revolutionary launches, groundbreaking advancements, and strategic alliances that are reshaping the contours of the crypto gaming cosmos. This monumental event is divided into four distinct phases, each unveiling a unique set of enhancements, announcements, exclusive offers, and events for our vibrant gaming community to relish.

Phase One: A Grand Symphony of Innovation and Excitement

The first phase of Zone Crypto Summer has been a grand symphony of innovation and excitement, with a plethora of features launched that have set new benchmarks in the gaming experience on Zone.

The Grand Unveiling of CHESS

Chess Launch During Zone Crypto Summer

In response to overwhelming demand, Zone proudly launched CHESS, an immersive gaming experience that has captivated our community. This launch was accompanied by an exclusive privilege for AFK holders - VIP access. AFKs, the native NFTs of the Zone ecosystem, became the golden ticket to early access, creating an air of exclusivity and anticipation.

A Bounty of Rewards: Multi-Token Giveaway

100,000 Multi Token Giveaway To Gamers On Zone

In a move to further enrich the gaming experience, Zone hosted a staggering 50,000 multi-token giveaway for AFK holders. This generous bounty added an extra layer of excitement and value to the gaming journey on Zone.

The Advent of an Exclusive Staking Pool

In a strategic collaboration with Cometa, a renowned staking platform on the Algorand blockchain, Zone launched an exclusive $ZONE/$ZONE Staking pool. This move further solidified Zone's position in the Algorand ecosystem, offering our users more avenues to grow their crypto assets.

The Democratization of Gaming: Massive Free Games

In a landmark move, Zone made almost 50% of its games free to play, eliminating the participation fee and opening the doors to a wider audience. Despite this, the opportunity to win substantial crypto rewards remained, creating a win-win scenario for our users.

Amplifying the Action with Boosted AFK Game Farms

The first phase also witnessed the introduction of Boosted AFK Game Farms, offering an increased number of AFK-only gaming tournaments. This move amplified the action, offering our gamers more opportunities to compete and win.

Riding the Meme Coin Wave: Jackpot Weekend

In sync with the latest trends, Zone hosted a Meme Coin Jackpot Weekend, with a staggering 20MILLION+ $PEPE rewards up for grabs. The introduction of daily $PEPE games with 1MILLION+ $PEPE rewards allowed our users to ride the meme coin wave, adding a fun twist to their gaming experience.

Personalizing the Experience: Customizable Gamer Identity Feature

In a bid to offer a more personalized gaming experience, Zone introduced the Customizable Gamer Identity Feature. This allowed our users to customize their profile and Zone, adding a personal touch to their gaming journey. This feature was a game-changer, allowing users to express their unique gaming personas, making their Zone experience truly their own.

Bonus Features: Adding More Value

The first phase also saw the introduction of a 100,000 Token Giveaway and unlimited profile customization feature for AFK holders, adding more value and excitement to the gaming experience on Zone. These bonus features were the icing on the cake, making the Zone experience even more rewarding and engaging for our users.

A Grand Salute to the Conclusion of Phase One

With the first phase of Zone Crypto Summer, we celebrate the relentless dedication and commitment of the Zone team in delivering one groundbreaking feature after another. The grandeur of Phase One's achievements is a testament to Zone's unwavering commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

The team at Zone has been working tirelessly, delivering one banger feature after another, exceeding expectations and setting new standards in the crypto gaming industry. The conclusion of Phase One is not an end, but a stepping stone to even more exciting developments in the upcoming phases of Zone Crypto Summer.

As we look forward to the upcoming phases with anticipation, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Visit and start playing today. Be a part of the revolution that is reshaping the crypto gaming universe. The game has just begun, and the best is yet to come!


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