Zone x Algorand PlayFi League — The Biggest Web3 Gaming League Is Here!

ALgorand playfi
Algorand playfi

🎮The biggest web3 gaming event is coming on Zone! Presenting the Zone x Algorand PlayFi League.

Zone in partnership with Algorand is bringing the biggest web3 gaming event the world has ever seen with a mega $150,000 prize pool! 🤯

Zone x Algorand PlayFi League is not just another gaming league.

It is a movement that empowers gamers through the force of gaming.

A place where anyone can make it to the big leagues if they play hard enough.

On a platform that is built for gamers by gamers themselves.

So, play like your life is on the line and live your dream life with Zone!

150,000 Mega Prizepool

🗓️The league will last for 35 days! That means 35 days of non-stop intense gaming, daily tournaments, and constant rewards for gamers! This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a global gaming sensation with top players taking home massive rewards! That is the true power of the Zone x Algorand PlayFi League — The ability to transform gamers’ lives forever.

To play in the league, all gamers will need to hold the Zone Game Pass NFT.

This Game Pass is the access pass to the league and the key to winning massive rewards and glory #algofam. The Zone Game Pass will also unlock additional rewards in future seasons of the league.

The Zone Game Passes will be free to claim but LIMITED and not everyone will get them, you will have to be lightning fast or they will be gone! 🚀

🚨All AFK Elephants NFT holders will have a guaranteed claim to the Zone Game Pass.

All deets regarding the gaming pass will be published soon, so keep your eyes peeled and follow Zone on all social media channels.

Zone Game Pass NFTs

Exclusive Zone Game Pass NFTs are required to enter and play in the league.

Games #InTheZone

The Zone x Algorand PlayFi League will feature new gaming titles launched on the Zone platform. Some of them are already live and some are yet to come! It’s time to gear up and master these games if you want to stand in the final arena. The competition is bound to be INSANE with only the strong surviving till the end.

Zone Marketplace

Zone Maketplace

Unleashing the first look of the Zone Marketplace, coming soon! Buy gift cards, vouchers, game cards and more with your ALGO on the Zone Marketplace.

The Zone x Algorand PlayFi League Leaderboard

Zone x Algorand PlayFi League Leaderboard

If you get your hands on the Zone Game Pass and make it into the league, you will be ranked on the Zone x Algorand PlayFi Leaderboard. Your points from across all the games will be tallied and put up. Track your performance and gauge the competition right from the leaderboard, and of course, there will be leaderboard rewards to boot.

Beyond Gaming

The league isn’t just about playing the games, you have a chance now to show the world how good a gamer you are.

Want to become rich and famous while gaming?

  • Stream while playing games on Zone and
  • Win extra rewards and the glory that comes with it!

To be known in the web3 gaming world, don’t forget to STREAM and PLAY.

Game on!

Also, you won’t be playing alone in the league.

  • Tons of professional gamers, streamers and mega influencers from across the world will be participating in the league.


More details about the league will be dropping in the next few days! Follow us, so you DON’T MISS OUT.


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